Second keynote speaker announced

Prof. Des HigginsWe are pleased to announce Professor Des Higgins as the first confirmed keynote for our symposium!

Des Higgins is a professor of Bioinformatics in University College Dublin, Ireland.

He has a PhD in Zoology from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. His lab currently maintains and develop the Clustal package for multiple sequence alignment in collaboration with groups in France, Germany and the UK.   He wrote the first version of Clustal packages in 1988 and then moved to the EMBL Data Library group, in Heidelberg, in 1990 as a post-doc and later, staff scientist. In 1994, he moved to the EBI, Hinxton with the Data Library and stayed there for two years.  This coincided with the release of Clustal W, and later, Clustal X which became extremely widely used and cited.  Currently his team is working on Clustal Omega which is designed for making extremely large protein alignments.